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Mahmoud Al-Shugran, Osman Ghazali, Suhaidi Hassan, Omar Almomani and Kashif NisarThe 3rd International Conference on Network Applications, Protocols and Services (3rd NETAPPS2012)Malaysia2012Participant
Mohammed Madi, Yuhanis Yusof, Suhaidi Hassan and Omar AlmomaniSoftware Engineering and Computer Systems  Second International Conference,Malaysia2011Participant
Omar Almomani, Osman Ghazali and Suhaidi HassanThe 2nd International Conference on Engineering and ICTMalaysia2010Participant
Omar Almomani, Osman Ghazali and Suhaidi Hassan2009 IEEE Symposium in Industrial Electronics and ApplicationsMalaysia2009Participant
Omar Almomani, Osman Ghazali and Suhaidi HassanFirst International Conference on Networks & CommunicationsIndia2009Participant
Omar Almomani, Suhaidi Hassan and Osman GhazaliInternational Graduate Conference on Engineering and ScienceMalaysia2008Participant