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Academic Year
This course aims to give students an introduction and general concepts of the Internet and Intranet technology, the World Wide Web, TCP/IP and Web design languages (HTML, JavaScript, and PhP). The main objective of the course is to design and manage web sites by using Macromedia Dreamweaver software. It also involves the necessary background that student needs to develop different tasks of programming aspects concerning the foregoing objectives. Sufficient study levels are supposed to be studied and learned by the students within the course for the sake of applying the different fields of education, learning, economical, E-Business and other approaches.

2014, 2015
 This course introduces the principles and techniques of information technology project management regarding the used paradigms and managerial tools to analyze, prepare, plan, execute, manage, and close projects. Topics include introduction to main concepts in project management, the project mangement process groups and some of the project management knowledge areas. Tools and techniques for project estimating and scheduling will be presented.
2014, 2015
 This course is intended to empower students to understand the know the steps of the SDLC and how to apply it to real system, able to conduct feasibility studies, create plans and schedules for information systems and projects. Additionally, recognize the value of interactive methods for information gathering.. It introduces the importance of using logical and physical data flow diagrams (DFDs) to graphically depict movement for humans and systems in an organization, and understand and apply the concept of partitioning of physical DFDs. Finally, Students will describe the important of objectives for effective input and output design.
The course is devoted to introduce decision support systems and business intelligence; and covers the technologies available to support individual and group decision making in organizations.
This course covers the following topics: Overview of decision support system, group decision support system, business intelligence, expert systems, and state of the art technologies in the filed.
2014, 2015